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  • Hardiness & flexibility
  • Playable all the year
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Outdoor tennis court Red Court – Green Court – Exclusivity Maton Sports

A clay court for every season !

Red Court is homologated by the Tennis Federation and classified Category 3 Medium by l’ITTF.

The strength of the Red Court’s coating resides in a clay color stability carpet with a top layer made of untreated ceramic. Using this stability carpet provides a very stable and plane surface. Thanks to the top untreated layer the players can perfectly move and slide.

The structure of this complex coating offers all the characteristics of a clay tennis court from the 21th century. The red court is based on a 100%  UV polypropylene synthetic grass, weighted with ceramic sand and finalized with a thin clay layer.

This complex layered structure guarantee comfort and pleasure during the playtime. Characteristics : grip, flexibility, sliding, regular ball bounce, easy foot rotation. The Red Court playground stimulates the player’s desire for performance by safely developing his technique. The players likes the good grip, the stability and the sliding surface of the Red Court. They likes the ball’s behaviour – especially bounce and speed.

The marking lines are clearly visible. When the ball rebound on the marking line it causes a sound and it is easier for the referee to take the good decision.  The tennis characteristics from the outdoor Red Court is approximately the same as the indoor Red Court.

The construction and the materials of the Red Court offers a permeable coating thanks to its unique layer that allows it not to be compacted. the weather has limited influence on this coating, the filling material for Red Court is inert :

  • It is frost resistant
  • It does not break
  • It does not absorb water
  • It requires little watering and maintenance
  • Inflatable halls are no problem.

    red court-outdoor-matonsports                                             red court-hallegonflable-matonsports                

Special features from Maton Sports

  • Guaranteeing more than 30 years of experience
  • Using his own clay crushing plant
  • Having a covered storage depot
  • Excelling in the development of certain materials


For further technical specificities do not hesitate to download the document in attachments.


Technical features :

Surface material : 100% polyethylene, UV-resistant. Unique fiber profile : elasticity, robustness and comfort. Synthetic grass weighted with sand, tufted in line.

Construction : Single layer where the color is marked down to the core at very high temperatures.

  • Underlay : layer of softness
  • First layer : washed and dried silica sand (round) without glauconite of 0,3 – 0,8 mm, 5kg/m2
  • Second layer : specific Red Court clay +/- 12 kg/m2


Materials : directly installed on a stable base (ideally a draining asphalt mix and an absorbent) avoids the drying out and deterioration of the court.

  • Total thickness : 17 mm
  • Number of tufts : 50 400/m2
  • Width : 410 cm
  • Length : on order – maximum 70m linear

Marking lines : exclusivity Maton Sports – white/rust/blue lines tufted in triple density in,  the carpet. The lines are clearly visible.

Colors : rust/green/blue

Warranty : 5 years


  • Brush with a drag net after each use ( Catalogue Maton Sports)
  • Sweep the lines 1x/week with an articulated brush or a mechanical line sweeper
  • Add filling Red Court material depending on the use
  • Carry out specialized maintenance to prevent clogging of the top layer of the tennis court 1x/year.


Advice from Maton Sports

  • It is essential to respect the direction in which the net passes through


Maton Sports is at your disposition for any advice or quote.


     sens du passage du filet-matonsports                                             red court-sable ceramique vert-matonsports

Specific References


Fiche technique de terrain de tennis indoor Red Court : caractéristiques techniques, entretien, conseils et avantages. Maton Sports.

Download (132.8KB)

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