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Maton Sports which is a specialist in the construction of tennis courts in Belgium shares with you some of its achievements : construction & refurbishment of tennis court, of padels, multisports, etc.

Maton Sports will design your sports ground to improve its safety and comfort by installing accessories, lightning, environmental-friendly watering system, fences, several types of surfaces, etc. We have been building outdoor games for children and adults for a few years now.


Construction of a sports hall by Maton Sports

        construction-terraindetennis-matonsports                       construction-terraindetennis-matonsports                     construction-terraindetennis-matonsports

Construction of a tennis court by Maton Sports

Maton Sports works with peoples who are passionate about tennis no matter who they are : private individuals, clubs, administrations, schools, etc. We will work together to find the perfect concept for you depending on your need, the composition of your field and the characteristics you are looking for. We are specialized in clay court but we made tennis court with many other surfaces too : artificial tuft, resin, coloured porous asphalt concrete, needle-punched carpet, tufted carpet, EPDM. We make both indoor and outdoor tennis court.

 construction-peinture-ecoplas-matonsports                         construction-peinture2-ecoplas-matonsport                             construction-peinture3-ecoplas-matonsports

Refurbishment of your tennis court by Maton Sports

We will together watch what are the needs of your current court. In case your tennis court is too badly damaged (numerous cracks, large slab offsets, subsidence) you will need to do more than a simple repair.

Maton Sports will advise you to do a complete refurbishment. In most of the cases we use the existing court as an infrastructure element for the new court. We keep the fences if they are in good condition.

These 3 pictures below were taken by Claude Naime & Christelle Anciau during the opening of the new sports fields at l’Abbaye de Flône (secondary school).

     renovation-redcourt-flone-matonsports            renovationredcourt-flone-matonsports           renovationcomplete-terraindetennis-flone-matonsports

Maintenance by Maton Sports

The maintenance of your sports field or tennis court, especially those outdoors, needs a different maintenance depending on the type of coating. In order to avoid the deterioration of your land and to preserve its characteristics, it is imperative to carry out 2 maintenance visits per year. Additional court material is sometimes needed in the middle of the season in clubs or public fields. Maton Sports offers to carry out the maintenance of your tennis court or sports ground punctually or in the form of a contract.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice or quote.

                  COURTDETENNIS-AVANTENTRETIEN-MATONSPORTS                                courtdetennis-apresentretien-matonsports

LED lightning by Maton Sports 

Maton Sports has a complete range of public and/or private lighting to illuminate your tennis court both indoors and outdoors. Maton Sports aims to combine safety, comfort, conviviality and aesthetics. Players then have a visual comfort on the court comparable to that during the day thanks to an optimal propagation of the lights that we have installed. The result is remarkable on the midfield.

We draw up our offer for your project according to :

  • Your needs in light intensity
  • The installation by experts of masts, projectors, frames, spotlights, ..
  • Safety standards
  • A personalized lightning study from the ENW company
  • The pleasure to play indoor tennis or at night
  • For administrations and clubs, you will have more conviviality around the courts which could lead to positive financial spin-offs.

   eclairages-matonsports-terraindesports                            resine-eclairages-matonsports                               eclairages-smash3-matonsports

Automatic watering by Maton Sports

Watering your court is not always required. However, when your court needs to be watered regularly, as it is the case for the crushed brick court, we advise you to install an appropriate irrigation system in order to guarantee the tennis characteristics of your court and to avoid any damage. Maton Sports has a wide range of high quality automatic watering systems and all of their accessories so that you can fully enjoy your facilities with peace of mind. Our range is extended according to the needs of your field : timer, standing sprinklers, pump, sprinkler, etc. We install and ensure the maintenance of any watering system.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice or quote.

    systemearrosageautomatique-matonsports                     arrosage-terraindetennis-matonsports                         arrosage-terraindetennis-matonsports      

Fence, barrier and gate by Maton Sports

Maton Sports offers a wide range of rigid and non-rigid fences and accessories. For your tennis courts, we recommend lattice fences, 3 m high at court level with a possible 1 m lowering on one or both sides with gates and/or gates for tennis courts. All our fences are hot-dip galvanised. Colours can be green or black. We also place rigid fences, which are much more robust and of a more modern design. The accesses to the courts can be equipped with a badge opening system.

For other sports fields, we can equip them with ballistic fences from 4 to 6 m high according to your request. Maton Sports also installs and maintains your fences and barriers. 

Do not hesitate to contact Maton Sports according to the fence you need.

           construction-cloture-flone-matonsports                        construction-acces-cloture-flone-matonsports                        construction-acces-cloture-flone-matonsports

Sports or multisports field by Maton Sports

Maton Sports also builds your sports fields other than tennis. These high-quality artificial turf pitches are increasingly being used for football, Padel, mini-stadium and multi-sport fields. The recommended synthetic turf offers these benefits :

  • Great playing comfort
  • Aesthetic
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Ideal for refurbishment
  • Low maintenance

      terrainmultisport-flone-constructionmatonsports                             terrainepdmmultisprts-matonsports                            terraindesport-matonsports

Outdoor playground by Maton Sports

Maton Sports builds outdoor games area through its subsidiary company “”. We have the exclusivity for the SUTCLIFFE PLAY brand in Belgium and in Luxembourg. Do not hesitate to visit the site to discover our range: swings, shelters, zip lines, merry-go-rounds, treasure hunts... For many years we have been specialists in the design of playgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds appropriate to the age of children and their psychomotor development.

We also offer body-fitness equipment for private individuals, clubs, companies and administrations that have understood the importance of a well-being area, of relaxation, of personal development and a meeting place.

            jeuxexterieur-construction-matonsports                            jeuxexterieurs-matonsports                          jeuxbodyfitness-matonsports

Maton Sports is at your disposition for any advice or quote.


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