MASTERS 500 or MASTERS 1000 resin - indoor tennis court

  • For pleasure & for tournament
  • Flexibility & regular bounce
  • Aesthetic & performance
  • Easy to maintain

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Indoor tennis court made of resin Masters 500 or Masters 1000

The synthetic tennis playground Résine Masters is homologated by the Tennis Federation and is classified following the number and the type of underlay(s).

The design of this coating, made of acrylic elastomer resin, offers tennistic characteristics of playing comfort and regularity in the rebounds of the ball guaranteeing spins. The flexibility of the resin (made by the laboratories ECOPLAS) guarantees durability, especially the resin coating Masters 500 thanks to its composition made of plastic and his density.

The specificity of this court is the absence of a joint which optimizes the ball's spin. The quality of the binder, of silicas and of colorants offers a clear rebound of the ball and increases its speed. From pleasure tennis to professional tennis, the declination of this support offers 5 different possibilities to meet players needs as best as possible according to their skills.

For further technical specificities do not hesitate to download the document in attachments.


These 3 coatings MASTERS 500 from ECOPLAS laboratory research guarantee :

  • Stability with long-lasting sporting performance
  • A regular ball bounce
  • A comfort and a flexibility in the gameplay by shock absorption, safety in the support and rotation of the feet.



Two acrylic resin elastomer MASTERS 1000 coatings have been developed in order to meet the high-level players needs as best as possible and enable them to improve their skills in tennis. The coating MASTERS 1000 has established itself on the Grand Prix ATP WORLD TOUR. The integration of synthetic fiber and the calibration of micronised silica crystals in its formulation give it :

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • A non-slip but not blocking play feature
  • Flexibility and plasticity
  • Impermeability due to the absence of a seal
  • Easy to apply and homogeneous giving the ball a “medium fast” controlled speed


Technical features

Surface material : Colored high density elastomer synthetic resin and composed by at least 2 layers of resin and a finishing coat. We can change the number of layers depending on the level of comfort you desire and the type of soil. Acrylic polymer binder composed of micronized silica.

Construction : must be installed directly on a stable and clean base, a hot-mix asphalt : 2 layers of 3 cm according to the standard NFP 90-110 (to avoid cracks). Acrylic polymer binder composed of silica. During the coalescence period of the resin it is imperative not to play on the tennis court for 6 to 8 weeks.

Materials :

  • 1 layer of primary resin - impregnation of the substrate and perfect bonding with the substrate
  • 1 or 2 layers of RVC flexible resin applied with a rubber scraper

Marking lines : lines painted white on top

Colors : Color chart – green (3 choices); blue (2 choices); purple; powdered pink; brown; yellow

Warranty : 5 years



  • 1 alveolar membrane of 4 mm – waterproof and anti-cracking (depending on the soil)
  • 1 layer of resin, pore filler, rich in fibers – resistance and adjustment
  • 1 or 2 layers of technical resin with a dense texture and dyed in the mass - enrichment

Maintenance and advice from Maton Sports

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly with a specific machine
  • Wash with water if needed with a specific machine


Maton Sports is at your disposition for any advice or quote.

Specific References


Fiche tTechnique de terrain de tennis indoor Résine Masters : caractéristiques tennistiques, spécifications techniques, entretien, conseils et avantages

Download (167.76KB)

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